Lys Anzia was a human rights journalist and founder of the award winning online magazine WNN – Women News Network dedicated to bringing human rights & women’s rights news to the United Nations & over 600 NGOs. 

Before that, Lys was the first woman on the programming board for the early beginnings of Public Television Channel12 KBDI in U.S. Denver, Colorado at its conception in 1979. Today Lys is working as an artistic agent, connecting artists and art collectors around the world. This startup is just about to premiere online as Parama International Art. 

Over the years Lys was also an award-winning historical playwright; a Pushcart Prize nominee; and a United Nations expert panelist on media.

Points covered in this episode:

  • What social justice is and it is integrated with creativity
  • Women as artists
  • Narrating self-criticism vs self-love
  • Statistics on women in galleries and museums