Caron McCloud is a writer, artist, designer, teacher and entrepreneur. She is an award winning performing poet and has been the poetry teacher for Leading a Legendary Life, Color of Woman and Red Madonna. She has over a dozen books to her credit and a book Rachel’s Bag: In Search of the Qabalah of Our Mothers which examines the radical actions of Old Testament women. She is currently in the editing process for a collection of her poetry and is completing a book on Qabalah, Living the Tree of Life. Now living in Port Townsend, Caron was born in Oakland, California, spending most of her life in the SF Bay area where she had art galleries and in partnership with her mother Eden McCloud founded a women’s clothing design and manufacturing company. Experience in these businesses led to teaching and public speaking.

Points covered in this episode:


  • What a faith walk looks like.
  • Why writing and poetry paint pictures.
  • Caron talks about her creativity legacy
  • Caron’s life with artist Sue Hoya Sellars in San Francisco 1960’s
  • Caron shares an identity exercise