One of my deepest desires is for you to know your own value.


To know that your voice is needed and wanted to bring healing into the world – the world that matters most to you. I am committed to support you to unearth the why behind what you do and dive deeply into revealing what you most want to create in your bizness and life so you can recognize when you are prioritizing your fears over your dreams, and obligations over your heart’s true desires. To help you create your life and bizness with intention and purpose – FROM THE HEART! To create a life and bizness that is sustainable and is in alignment with your soul work.

We create a container for you to get the support you deserve and make the changes in your life that you have longed for.


My expression of the Feminine Paradigm means allowing for and finding what success looks like for YOU and only you.


We walk together as you bring your heart’s work into the world and begin to connect with your community and tribe.


As a heart led creative entrepreneur it’s my passion that you embody yourself as an ever expanding visionary business woman. 

An Artist. 

This is where I come in. As a Business Intentional Creativity Coach I am a stand for you to make this happen.

If you feel you need truly one-on-one guidance, I am offering this to you from my heart. 



 Together we will delve into finding your unique voice from the perspective of the Feminine Paradigm. Everything in your life needs to be aligned with your core message, your core values, your core desires.

Where are you not aligned?




You will learn what sets you on fire, what moves you, what you are devoted to creating for yourself and others, how to embody your core message and what is the terrain you want to claim for yourself. 


stellamacI know how intimidating, frustrating and overwhelming it can seem to know the path to take in creating your life work, to become visible in the marketplace and grow a sustainable business. I have worked with Shiloh for ten years in her business and on my own and have been tracking the trends in business. I am up to date on what works and what doesn’t and share this work with my clients.

As a marketing, branding, and business strategist in the corporate world I kept getting pissed off at how the over culture didn’t value the strengths and gifts of women – building relationships, collaboration, coming from a place of service and heart.

I know what its like to create a business as a creative entrepreneur when there are hundreds of voices telling you that if you only follow these ten steps you can quickly be earning six figures.  Bullshit. The language of the feminine and spirituality is being used to manipulate us. As one of my mentors, Sue Hoya Sellars,  once said to me – it’s the male paradigm with a dress on!

You may wonder why people could possibly want what you have to offer. Or it feels like people just don’t seem to “get it”. Or you think everybody else is already doing it. And as a creative being you have endless ideas and just don’t know where to start because we’re being told we have to do a kazillion things to be a success or have a list the size of Timbuktu.  Again – Bullshit.


Inspired by what is possible in a feminine based community if we support one another, I decided to create The Heart to Heart Path coaching program designed specifically for you. 

The Heart to Heart Business Path

A Custom Coaching Program with StellaMac


If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.
~ Cheshire Cat


  • Grow your connections/email list organically with your Beloveds who are truly interested in being part of your community.


  • Create a marketing plan to increase your online and offline visibility in containers which resonate with what you love to do that creates consistency in the delivery of your communications and messaging.


  • Design a workflow that resonates and is in alignment with how you want to show up in your own life.


  • Take focused actions towards the outcomes you desire and which you will gain clarity around through our conversations.


  • Write effective communications (sales pages, emails, social media posts, blog posts) that reflect who you are, what your offerings are in a language that is easily understood by your Beloveds so they can take action.


  • Create offerings that address the needs of your Beloved that leads to deeper and sustainable relationships.


  • Develop your content for your website and blog drawn from your Color of Woman work that you have already created.


  • Working together you will gain a deeper understanding and clarity on who you want to serve, your offerings and the language to use that will speak to your beloveds who are meant to be in red thread circle with you.


You will get personal emails with exercises to give you clarity and action steps; a 2 hour strategy call at the beginning of our time together; 2-60 minute calls a month in a format that works best for you; and email support throughout. You can choose to work with me for three, six, or nine months to unfold your bizness. 


Your Investment:

3 months – $2025

6 months – $3750

9 months $4950


I hope you are feeling as excited as I am about this! Want to join me? contact me below and we’ll set up a time to talk as an initial free conversation to make sure this is a fit for you right now. Got questions? Ask away.

I’d love to help you create a sustainable business that you love where you are creating your soul work in the world. 

With unending love and gratitude,



An Ode to Mary –  I’ve loved working with Mary and wholeheartedly recommend her. Mary is a wise elder and amazing mentor of the feminine paradigm. I have felt seen, supported and celebrated throughout our work together. She helped me identify what was important to me, what I had to offer and how to turn it into a viable business.  She’s walked with me through uncertainty and self-doubt and cheered my successes. I’ve been so blessed to have her in my corner.

While Mary’s business expertise is considerable and her commitment to the feminine paradigm unparalleled it is the way she loves and guides from her heart that makes it a joy and an honor to work with her. I always know she is pulling for me and championing my cause. And that is priceless.

~ Joni Maher, Revolutionary Heart

Mary MacDonald gave me everything I hoped to receive from my business coach PLUS a whole lot more.  She helped me achieve – and surpass – the goals we set along the way and when I forgot that I’d done this, she gently and consistently reminded not just of how much I’d accomplished (“done”) but also how far I’d come.  She was the steady presence who kept me walking forward towards my dreams.  She encouraged me to spend the time creating a solid foundation for my new business “home” so that I would have the freedom to build it out the way that I wanted, not the way I thought others wanted or expected.

She helped me stretch my dream muscles even as I was taking care of the practical business of starting my own business.  And she did ALL of this from a deep place of love, compassion and commitment to allowing my life to expand at a rate that worked for me and for my beloveds.  No pushing or pulling, just steady, organic growth.  This is the feminine paradigm that she is committed to and that she lives from.  I am deeply and ever grateful for all she gave me.  I look forward to working and collaborating with her as we both grow as women and entrepreneurs.

~ Tina Greene