All About StellaMac


I wildly, madly deeply believe your voice is needed and wanted. You matter. You ARE over the top, outrageously, unreasonably ENOUGH. That is why I do what I do. Women’s voices and offerings are what will heal the world. It’s TIME. It’s time to become visible. It’s time to be a rebel with a cause. It’s time to stop being small and take up space. It’s time to be your rebellious, reverent, irreverent, fabulous self.



That’s why I help creative women to gain clarity, take action and create a kick-ass bizness and life in alignment with what matters most to them, awaken and believe in their possibilities, see their beauty, their light, and their gifts.


Start where you are!  Whether you have a dream that you don’t know how to bring into form or you’re wondering how to connect with the people you wish to serve or your unclear about how to bring your offerings to market

My Story 

  • A Canadian living the California Dream and then moving back to live the Canadian Sunshine Coast Dream


  • Loves witty repartee and deep, soulful conversations (I know  – it sounds a little bit like a dating site comment!)


  • Wants to end violence against women and girls – including their own.


  • Is creating sacred community where women’s voices are heard, valued and respected – especially to themselves.


  • Believes that everyone has a story worth telling and that the world will indeed be a better place for having heard their story.


  • Has 3 step daughters who have made her a better woman.


  • Believes curiosity and asking the right questions to be her super powers.



The Official Story:

For over 30 years I have worked with organizations and individuals in fundraising, public relations, marketing, training and development, product development to increase revenues, create brand awareness, build sustainable relationships and to make a difference in the world.

Over the past ten years working with Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis as the Director of Cosmic Cowgirls and as Co-Director of the Color of Woman Teacher’s Training I have taught and witnessed the transformation of hundreds of women as they began to live their own legendary lives, claim their own voice and become re-aquainted with their creative selves. 




When we live our lives creating, being self-expressed and listening to our muse our lives shift in beautiful ways. I invite you to say yes to you and your dreams.


Mary “Stella Mac” is the coach of coaches. I have worked with her teachings, style, wisdom and insights for over four years. She is one of those people that when you speak of her, you find yourself saying – it is such a blessing to work with Mary, she sees me, sees the work and her support feels like nothing short of a miracle. My businesses have been able to thrive during this downturn, and instead we have an upturn, and I can truly say that would not have happened without Mary. Her breadth of expertise, whether it is from the standpoint of marketing, business plans or how to keep the heart in everything is wide and deep and full of love. When I am in challenge of any kind – I know who to call to help me see all sides and find my way through the tangle. Anyone who gets to speak to this woman, is going to be blessed.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud – Sonoma

I have had the immense privilege and honor of being a student in several of Mary’s classes in the last two years.  Mary is immensely gifted at creating the space and supportive environment for women to connect in community in ways that are nurturing, authentic and empowering.  With meditation, deep listening and conscious, thought provoking questions, Mary guided us on a journey of self discovery that was truly life-altering. With the safety and trust that Mary nurtured in our community, I was able to tune into my inner guiding light and to create a life where I felt that my voice was valued and heard.  I watched many women awaken to their true life purpose, their joy and to a sense of fulfillment for the work that they chose to do in the world and I felt inspired to do the same. Being a student of Mary’s is a beautiful gift that will open wide the door of possibilities to clarifying, envisioning and creating the life of your dreams.

~Elizabeth Gibbons – San Francisco

Mary is a truly a gifted writing facilitator, just as inspiring as Natalie Goldberg, if not even more wonderful!

Clare Rosenfield – New York

Mary has eagle vision, I have learned how to surrender to a coach who gets me.

Kendall Scott – Santa Fe

Mary is such a beautiful balance of pragmatism and heart-felt generosity.  Her keen mind has questions that cut through all of the confusion and get to the meat of the matter. And her heart seems to be an unfillable vessel of compassion listening to every detail.  I know she is listening for a clue, a key, that I already possess.  When she hears it, she lovingly points out what might be obvious, without one speck of judgment.  Then she rolls up her sleeves, inviting me to do the same, and we begin the real work of introducing a more fulfilling future to a juicier me.  Along the way, she will hand me tissues ), have me laughing at my own gifts and foibles, and offer practical tools if I get mired in my own mind.  There are few things as warm, provocative and inspiring as a conversation with Mary.  She is an absolute maven of meaningful mentoring.

– Trish O’Malley