Dear Hearts,

It’s a time for new beginnings. For you to follow your path. The Path that is guided by your heart and framed by the feminine paradigm.  The Path that is in alignment with your values and desires. The Path that is sung with your voice, danced with your movement and in service to those who call your name.


Can you feel it? I ask you the questions that help you see your possibilities. That’s what I do. I’m often referred to as the Queen of Questions and believe if we frame the question with intention, listen to our inner wise woman and throw some creativity into the mix the answers will arise.


I invite you to start here with me…


  • What sets you on fire? What moves you? What are you devoted to creating for yourself and others?
  • Who are you when you have that full and heart centered knowing of your enoughness?
  • How do you embody your core message? Everything in your life needs to be aligned with your core message, your core values, your core desires, where are you not aligned?


What needs to be created or action taken for you to get to the corner of wonder and awe?


My heart lives and thrives in the place where I work with you to create a container for you to get the support you deserve and make the changes in your life that you have longed for. My expression of the Feminine Paradigm means allowing for and finding what success looks like for YOU and only you.

My piece of the Red Thread is the conversation. 

The inquiry.

My work is as a guide. A connector.

A gatherer of fascinating women.



Are you feeling the call? Together we build an inner love shack that you want to live and create within. 

  • We allow the respite from busyness and space that’s needed for your inner mentor to make herself fully known and to speak whenever you need her.
  • We unearth the why behind what you do and dive deeply into revealing what you most want to create in your business and life so you can recognize when you are prioritizing your fears over your dreams, and obligations over your heart’s true desires. 
  • We walk together as you bring your heart’s work into the world and begin to connect with your community and tribe. 


 As women we already have the language to do this, we are community, and conversation, we when we begin to use our voice and take up our own space, we change the world.

I had a murky vision for my SoulWork before I started working with Mary. I wanted to use Intentional Creativity™ to help social workers and professionals rejuvenate and heal secondary traumatic stress. What I didn’t know was how. Creating a business was an amorphous and scary idea to me. I was often paralyzed by fear of the unknown and worried about making mistakes. Mary beautifully and skillfully guided me in a heart-centered way. She helped me get clear on my values and mission to build a strong foundation from the feminine perspective. She artfully navigated me through overwhelm, confusion and my sticky wicket areas (like money, honey!), keeping my values at the forefront of each decision. Mary is a brilliant communicator and also helped me craft language to better reach my beloveds. Her knowledge and experience is extraordinary and her coaching is life transforming. With her guidance and heart-centered [or Heart to Heart] coaching, my dreams are becoming a reality and I am able to bring my SoulWork into the world in my own unique, me’est me way.

Mary(he)artfully coaches you to bring your SoulWork into the world while being uniquely, wonderfully, beautifully you.

Rachel Bavis, Healing the Healer

The first time I spoke with Mary it was like I had been waiting to meet her my whole life. Through conversation after conversation Mary was there, with heartfelt guidance, just the right questions, and showing me – not just telling me – what it means to work together within a feminine paradigm. I quickly realized this was what I had been longing for, but hadn’t had the name to move forward in business in a way that felt good and right for me. I only knew I wanted a different way of working, and showing up in the world, not just for me, but for all of us. Mary’s guidance and best of all – her compassionate, caring, and often unconventional conversation – has been a true blessing in my life and has helped me radiate that out to those that I serve. Mary is a great part of the web of connection and change that I’m weaving.

~Danna Clare, Inspired Eye Creative

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